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The hop metropolis of Tettnang

The cultivation of hops in the region of Tettnang was officially documented for the first time in the year 1150. Large scale hop cultivation was performed as from 1844. Tettnang's fame as a hop growing centre now reaches far beyond the regional borders. The “Green Gold” of the Montfort town is highly esteemed by Brewmasters all around the world and used to refine their “premium brand” beer specialities. The fine aroma and the subtle bitterness give the beers an unmistakable character and each sip provides a taste of the unique landscape between the northern banks of Lake Constance and Allgäu.

On an area covering around 1,200 hectares, 170 farms currently produce the top quality aroma hops for which Tettnang is famed. 80% of the 1,500 to 2,000 tonnes of annually produced hops are exported. The famous Tettnang hops go to countries such as Japan, USA, Russia, China or even to Africa. German hops are used in over 100 countries. 20% of the hops go to German breweries. The Montfort town is the oldest global player on the market producing Tettnang that hops guarantee a fine taste and top quality.

The precious bitters, aromatic flavouring agents and tannin are contained both within the lupulin and within the larger parts of the umbels. The bitter humolone acids contained within the hops give the beer its characteristically tart flavour and improve the foam stability. A flavoursome aroma is released by the specific combination of several hundred essential oils. The tannin ultimately adds toward the full-bodied flavour, as well as preserving the beer itself.

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